Harsh Truths – Round 12

Once in a while, the poison pen of your old pal, HB sharpens and focuses on what is going on in the world of footy. I call this column the ‘Harsh Truths’, but really, it could just as well be “The ramblings of a semi-coherent man with mediocre punctuation”.

Both fit, but the latter is not quite as catchy, though, is it? .&,!

So, the purpose of this is to point out a thing or three I’ve had on my mind over the last little bit in footy that may be flying under the radar. Some of it may be contrarian. Some might be just plain wrong, but what is a man… what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught… to say the things he truly feels…

A bit of Sinatra to start proceedings never goes astray.

Let’s jump into HB’s Harsh Truths after Round 12.


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