The Globetrotters, The Generals, The Pies, and The Eagles – A Lesson

A game clear on top of the AFL Ladder, and playing a brand of football that is both highly attractive and extremely effective, the Collingwood Football Club are the most watchable team in the game right now.

They’re just… fun.

Sure, everyone loves watching their own team, even those whose teams reside in the bottom four can find little positives as the kids develop and start to display signs they will one day lead the teams out of the position they find themselves in, but sitting back as a neutral supporter, seeing Collingwood in full flight is a joy to behold.

The run and carry from half-back, the stellar defence led by their captain, the midfield working in unison, a pair of wingmen completely owning their roles, and a forward line that applies pressure like their lives depend on it – these are the facets of a Collingwood team that make them the benchmark in 2023.

And then you have the other end of the spectrum.

The West Coast Eagles have fallen on hard times. Hell, it happens to the best of teams (except Geelong… but that may be coming soon enough) but their fall has been dramatic. Whilst the reasons for it have been relayed in multiple articles and spoken about at length on both TV and radio, the fact remains that the Eagles are in a period where a loss by 50 points is somewhat celebrated as a victory.

“Well, it’s better than last week….”

We’ve all been there at one point or another. When the team sucks, and this one does indeed suck, it is important to remember that it will not last forever, and the pain experienced now will make the pleasure of winning again all the sweeter.

However, at some point, even a struggling team has to dig their heels in and say “Enough”.


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