And… NEW Mongrel Midfield Champion!

It took something special to dethrone the Red Menace of Melbourne, but to call Zak Butters’ effort last Friday night against the Dees anything but special would not be doing it justice.

In a masterful display, the hard-at-it midfielder took all before him, registering two goals to go with his career-high 41 touches and ten clearances. With Clayton Oliver somewhat hobbled (and now spending time on the sidelines as a result, Butters smelled blood and brought home Port’s second Mongrel Midfield Title. Hopefully, this reign lasts a bit longer than the first one the Power enjoyed.

The Red Menace is defeated. Zak Butters wears the title.

His first opponents will be Tim Taranto, Dion Prestia, Shai Bolton, and Dustin Martin – three former champs them – looking at pinching the gold straight from the new champ.


The Mongrel Punt Midfield Championship is – let’s be honest – a bit of fun. It adds a little bit of interest to each and every game the champ competes in. Who, if anyone can beat the champ?

Each week, the champ defends his title in this system. In order to unseat him, firstly, the challenging team has to win. Like in Pro Wrestling, the title cannot change hands on a disqualification,  so if you have a great performance, but your team loses, you cannot win the title. You have to beat the champ in a win. You have to outperform the champ in a win to take the title off him.

The individual win has to be comprehensive. If a challenger has 26 touches and a goal and the champ has something similar, we call it a draw and the champ gets the benefit of the doubt to retain the title. You either win decisively, or you don’t win at all.

So, who will dominate the midfield in the 2022 season and turn back challengers week after week? Who will reign like Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair? And who will be an interim champ… like Kane, or the Iron Sheik?

Let’s jump in and find out.


The Mongrel Punt Midfielder Championship Belt is a column for our Mongrel Members.  The title history, dating back to 2017 remains locked for members and come the 2023 season, the entire article will be locked for them on a weekly/fortnightly basis. With five years of results below, this is where the value comes for our Mongrel members. You should join, huh?



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