Western Bulldogs v Adelaide – The Mongrel Talking Points

I wasn’t supposed to do this review this weekend. Our resident Dogs supporter, and all-around good bloke, The Doc, had his internet go down yesterday… or something like that… I wasn’t listening. Anyway, I had to step in.

Still, it was the Dogs against the Crows – two very entertaining teams this season; who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of hours watching them strut their stuff on the hallowed turf of… oh crap… it’s played at Ballarat.

I am not sure I’d look forward to this fixture if I were either of the two teams. No offence to the good people of The ‘Rat (after all, it is the hometown of the lovely Mrs Mongrel), but it is not really conducive to slick, fast-paced, and highly skilled footy. It kind of drags the game down a few levels and it ends up being a bit of a scrap.

Coming into this game, I felt that this may advantage the Crows, as they have been quite adept at finding a balance between good footy and getting down and dirty. What I didn’t expect was the Dogs to dig deep and not only match them, but beat the Crows at their own game.

Let’s jump into The Mongrel’s talking points from this game.


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