Collingwood v Carlton – Mongrel Talking Points

There is something about the feeling in a stadium when Collingwood play attacking football.

You can sense it. It’s not just happening in front of you – it’s not as simple as the players doing what they do and you watching. No, it draws you in. The crowd buzzes, almost compels you to cheer, to be excited, to want to know where the daring handball chain goes next.

Collingwood’s first half against a stop-start Carlton team emphasised just how different their style of play is at the moment. The Pies take the game on, they dare you to stop them, and they refuse to play the opposition’s game. They give you the chance to hurt them going the other way, but they ask you the question when they do – are you good enough?

The resounding answer from Carlton in this one was “no”.

The Pies recorded their ninth win of the year, knocking over their old rival by 28 points, with their captain once again standing up in defence and breaking a record on the way.

Let’s jump into The Mongrel’s Talking Points stemming from yet another Magpie win.


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