Collingwood v Essendon – Anzac Day Loves and Hates

How lucky was that?

That’s what it was, right? I mean, that’s what you were told all off-season about the Magpies – how lucky they got in close games in 2022 and how that would likely not be the case again in 2023. Remember those pearls of wisdom?

So, if we are to believe the experts who explained to us their record in tight finishes, their come-from-behind wins, and their penchant for the dramatic, you’d have to come to the conclusion that this Collingwood team is the luckiest bunch of footy players since that team that got sponsored by a brothel about twenty years ago!

But this is not luck. This is hard work, determination, and a never-say-die attitude that not only drives the team, but puts the fear of God into the opposition as soon as the game starts to tighten up.

Leading by 28 points at three-quarter time in front of over 95,000 pople, the Bombers looked to be in complete control. They’d put the foot down in the third quarter – the premiership quarter – and with six goals to one, had made the break to set up their win. All that remained was a finishing touch.

Just one early goal to ice the game and break Magpie hearts.

One final nail in the black and white coffin.

One more step for the fat lady to get up on her podium and clear her throat.

Collingwood were having none of it.

Buoyed by the scintillating run of their young superstar… and he IS a superstar, the Pies roared back into the game, and with just under ten minutes remaining in the game, took the lead.

It was vintage Collingwood – the type of victor that galvanises a club and instils even more belief. It is the type of win you build a season around and reflect on when the chips are down. It was Collingwood at their finest in a win for the ages.

Let’s jump into the Mongrel’s Loves and Hates.


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