Wingman of the Year 2023 – Round Five

Five rounds into the 2023 season and the main contenders for in the Mongrel’s Wingman of the Year race seem to have settled.

Yes, it does seem that way, but after last season’s chopping and changing (which may have cost Jordan Dawson and Isaac Smith the award), I don’t bank on anything until things are well and truly complete.

As we had such a short turnaround last week , with Round Four completed on a Monday afternoon, and Round Five commencing on a Thursday evening, time was tight and I bumped the Wingman of the Year column to this week, meaning that this week is like one of those Mad Magazines I used to steal buy when I was a kid, and they’d advertise this was a “special bumper double issue” and you’d… err, procure it, and it’d be basically the same as every other issue.

So, with that in mind, let’s jump into the Mongrel’s Wingman of the Year Award results from Round Four and Five in our Special Bumper Double Edition.

I’m sure you see where I’m headed here…


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