Wingman of the Year Award – Round Two Results

This is the time of the season that established wingmen would love. As coaches switch players around to find their best combinations, experienced outside runners have already started to pile up the points in The Mongrel Punt’s Wingman of the Year Award.

However, that doesn’t mean they’ll be home and hosed as the noobs find their feet. Not at all.

Last season, it was Jordan Dawson bolting out of the gates to establish a big lead… only for Matthew Nicks to move him into defence and cause the new captain to plummet down the ranks over the ensuing weeks.

Later in the season, the body of work from Isaac Smith looked as though it would be enough to carry him to glory… only for Chris Scott to start playing him off half-back for a while. This allowed Karl Amon the space to hit the front and put enough distance between him and the peleton to hold on for the win.

And this season, we’re seeing a bunch of thoroughbred wingmen make the early running. Will they be able to sustain this form over the entire season? Will their respective coaches commit to playing them in their preferred role for the whole year, or will they get a little antsy and want to try something new?

It’s only Round Two, but already the heavy hitters are racking up the points. Lets check out the results for this week and the overall standings.


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