Mongrel Punt Rolling All-Australian Team Preview

Mongrel Rolling AA Team 2023 Preview

First off, we want to extend massive thanks to Matt Oman for his hard work in forging a framework for us to continue on with as we take the reins in 2023, allowing him more time to invest in his two favourite passtimes during footy season – watching Zak Butters and breathing heavily

Without further ado, here is our in-depth preview…

But first, a little introduction- as I wanted to give you all an insight into the selection team

We’re a pair of unique individuals, myself and Jimmy. We’re going to engage with our minds and hearts. We’re going to exchange ideas, thoughts and even our energy and to speak from the heart we need to have courage. We will be honest and authentic, however, we will not always get it right and sometimes you might disagree, but that’s ok. Just like you, we care, just like you, we are passionate about the game. So if you want to come along for the ride, join us weekly because we just love footy.

Now on to the preview..

Who knows who makes the team and who does not – previewing an AA team would be hypothetical, and I’m no clairvoyant.. I tried to be, however, my first client punched me in the face, robbed me and told me I should have seen that coming.

The real stuff is almost here, and this article is not and will not be sponsored by Therabody


* Yes, this is a stitch up

See you in a few weeks

Hodgey and Jimmy