But… What If We’re Wrong?

It’s difficult not to be positive at this time of year, particularly if you saw a fair bit of improvement in your team last season.

You come into the 2023 season with high expectations, looking for your team to build on the foundation they laid last year, yet, on your shoulder, whispering into your ear, is the little man with the negative tone. He warns of doom and despair, of hopes dashed and another wasted season. There is nothing positive about this little man – he is there only to cause distress, but you cannot help but feel he sometimes has a point.

What if my team falis to make finals?

What if my team goes backwards?

What if the recruiting, the development, the drafting, and the years of building topple over into a steaming pile of failure?

For some, those thoughts will be dismissed quickly. For others… the voice gets louder as the season progresses.

With that, we take a look at the fortunes of some of the clubs expected to take the next step this season. What happens if they trip and fall?


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