Double or Nothing

We’re 31 days away from the start of the 2023 AFL season as I write this, and it is around this time of year that I start pondering a few of the “what ifs…” in relation to the league, players, and team dynamics.

As I meandered through a Port Adelaide list that should, by all rights, rectify what went wrong in 2022, I found myself continually running my finger over the names in their forward line and piecing together my version of the magnets… which are really just pieces of paper on the desk in front of me.

I wish I could afford magnets…

Anyway, the more I sifted through the options available, the more I started to convince myself that this Port Adelaide lineup has the capacity to be one of the more powerful forward setups in the game.

Alas, it also has the potential to completely tank.


Uh oh… standalone content for our Port members…. because I like them. Actually, I don’t mind all of you, this one just happens to be for them, though. And maybe you as well, if you like Junior Rioli or Orazio Fantasia. Want to join us?

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