Season Preview Follow-Up – Mongrel Mixed Bag of Big Questions

It’s only been a few days since I finished the season previews for each team. At about seven thousand words each, on average, that was a lot of research, opinion, and most of all, time.

However, some of the reviews that were done early in the piece will now have wrinkles to them. It’s been almost a month since I penned them, and we’ve heard about developments at a number of clubs concerning players, coaching, and good old-fashioned scuttlebutt. I’ll give the last one a miss, but as promised when I commenced the previews, anything that comes up in the interim would be covered in articles later on.

And so here we are – The first edition of The Mongrel’s Mixed Bag of Big Questions.


As promised in the preseason previews, any further developments prior to the start of the season would be addressed in these columns for our members. Want to join us?

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