Are We Really Sure… Volume One 2023

Every season, we have surprises thrown at us as the games tick by and the reality of the season hits us in the face like a cold, wet trout.

Really, none of us knows what is going to happen in a season, and it takes until about seven or eight games into the year for things to finally settle into some sense of normalcy. As an example, last season, none of the “experts” at the Herald-Sun in Melbourne predicted the Cats to win the flag. Yep, zero. None of them picked Sydney to be in the Grand Final, either. So, it goes to show that even those who draw a salary to impart their wisdom to peons like you and I, don’t exactly know their stuff all that well.

And yet, there are beliefs we have going into a season that we hold fast to, every year. As an example, coming into 2022, many were absolutely certain that the irrepressible Demons would once again be featuring heavily in the Grand Final. Nup… out in straight sets. Many had the Power as contenders, as well. Again, nup… an 0-5 start killed their season before it even had a chance to draw breath.

And here we are again, looking forward to another year with people nodding sagely at each other, absolutely sure that their team is on the right track.

Is it?

Or are these people living in hope? Probably better than where I live, given the information I have been looking up about flight paths for the new runway at Melbourne Airport… I didn’t vote for this, assholes!

Anyway, it might be time we ask ourselves… are we really sure about…???


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