Doubting Thomas?

Momentum is a funny thing. So difficult to generate. So easy to lose.

When you look at a club like North Melbourne, you’d think they need all they can get, right?

They’re bloody well trying, but it seems that every time they gain some speed, they hit a roadblock!

After a second-straight wooden spoon season, the club looked to kick things off on the right track, with the recruitment of Alastair Clarkson as their new coach. However, the wind was quickly taken out of their sails as a leaked report from the Hawthorn Football Club made allegations about incidents during his time there.

Whilst none of these allegations have been proven at this point, Clarkson, and Brisbane coach, Chris Fagan suffered the predictable trial by media (and social media) as a result, with many sentencing them before a hearing.

That’s the way of the world, seemingly. (We, here at The Mongrel await the investigation to be concluded before we report or comment on it, despite some people being unhappy with our stance)

It wasn’t long before the want-away number one pick, Jason Horne-Francis, decided he’d be happier at Port Adelaide, and made his request to leave the club. Momentum slowed a little again.

So, they waved him goodbye and prepared, once again, to commence moving forward.

Griffin Logue joined the club, as did Darcy Tucker. They drafted Harry Sheezel and George Wardlaw… the North Melbourne train started gaining some of that precious momentum.

And then Tarryn Thomas was charged with an act of alleged “revenge porn” as reported by the usual outlets, and that momentum slowed once again.

I can’t be the only one that is genuinely worried about this bloke, at the moment, can I?


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