Since Round Five, I have been busy at work, recording tackling stats in an effort to provide context around which players have been the most successful tacklers in the game.

Oh yes, I know… all you have to do is look up the top tacklers on the AFL app or the AFL website (I much prefer afltables, or footywire, but each to their own). But what these sites don’t tell us is which tacklers are the most successful.

Sure, you can tackle for stoppages – that’s great. The team resets, structures are set up, and may the best team win. But true successful tacklers are the ones who nail their opponents… no, not like the fencing guy in the “Just For Men” hair dye ad… I mean the ones who win holding the ball free kicks.

Ah yes… as always, The Mongrel has something different for you.

So, join me as we dive into the murky waters of AFL tackling statistics. Here, we will determine which players, over a six-week period, were the most effective tacklers in the game.

And we’ll also uncover those whose numbers may be a little inflated.

Mmmmmm, juicy.


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