Mongrel Player Rankings – Round Five

Huh? What’s this?

Good question – allow me to help you.

As part of our Mongrel 50, released every fortnight, we have a detailed player rating system available weekly to our Inner Circle members… you know, those annoying people who support the site and allow us to grow. Damn them, right?

Anyway, every week, I break down the top ten at four positions – defence, forward, midfield and the ruck (actually, there is only the top five at the ruck position because… for no reason, actually).

So, that’s what this is – the weekly column that acts as the feeder into the Mongrel 50, which is due for release next week. Who was the number one forward of the week? The best defender? The most impressive ruck? Or the most influential mid? You may find out here.

Or you may not. It’s the beauty of choice.


This content is for our Inner Circle (tier two) Members and is a weekly column. They also receive weekly Defensive Player of the Year Rankings and fortnightly X-Factor Rankings – due this week. This is why they support us at a higher level… because this stuff is bloody good. 🙂

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