HB’s Top Six Draft Picks – On Name Alone

We have some smart cookies here at The Mongrel Punt.

As I type this, a few of the boys are arguing about who should go where in our annual mock draft, and others are penning articles about the best possible fit for each club as the AFL’s version of the meat market gets set for its 2023 incarnation.

And then there’s me.

Sometimes, I feel like I must be the dumbest guy here. Other than the fact I can’t seem to work out how to successfully apply GST to existing subscriptions (which is great news for members!), I have absolutely no idea about who should be picked where in the upcoming AFL National Draft.

And by thinking there is an audience for this article, I am gambling on not being the only one who is flying blind.

On the rare occasions I went to the races when I was younger, my mates would all stand around, staring at the form guide like they had some idea of what horse to choose and what all the little markings and abbreviations meant. Me… I just picked the horse by how its name sounded. And one night at the Moonee Valley trots, I backed a horse called Goog’s Dream. It was 33-1 and I plonked twenty bucks on it. I was only 15 (and thanks Mr Bookie for taking a bet off someone so evidently underage) and for the rest of the night, I had to shout drinks (and thanks to the lovely bar staff for serving someone so evidently underage, as well).

And so, as we draw near to the 2023 AFL Draft, like many of you, I know Harley Reid is the talk of the town. I know Xavier Duursma has a kid brother in the mix, and I know the Gold Coast Academy bloke, Jed Walter, looks like he is about 24 years old, already.

So, I’ll be going by name alone. Hell, if I can pick a 33-1 shot that comes good, some people might even think I know what I’m talking about. Then again… maybe they’re just angling for me to buy them a drink.


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