Without Consent…

Nice title, huh? It reminds me of the type of movie title you’d see on network TV at midday when you’re at home sick. Sounds like it could be traumatic. Could involve a high-powered female lawyer in it. Might have Jennifer Lopez as the star, or something.

Anyway, whilst your thoughts linger on J-Lo and what she’s up to these days, the matter of trading players without their consent is something that seems to be gaining traction within AFL circles. Are you a fan? Or is this something you’re dreading when it comes to our sport?

At a recent sportsman’s night, Essendon’s Zach Merrett spoke on the topic and seemed to believe the move toward trading without consent was inevitable. As we inch closer to instituting a mid-season trade period, we are also heading toward a time where players, in the middle of the season, may be playing for one team one week, and shipped off to another team, sometimes on the opposite side of the country, the next.

Feels a little callous, doesn’t it?

Time to look at the positives and negatives of the situation.


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