Bomber McKay – What He Does/Doesn’t Bring To The Hangar?

Is there a reality somewhere out there where Ben McKay is worth pick three in the national draft?

I know we’re living in one where the AFL has compensated North Melbourne with the third overall pick in the National Draft for the loss of McKay, but really, if North were offered a trade of pick three for McKay, how quickly do you think they would have jumped at it?

Anyway, my bitching about the inadequacies of the AFL’s compensation for free agents leaving clubs is not the crux of this article. Ben McKay is, and as he heads to Tullamarine to underpin the Essendon defence, it is important to look at exactly what the Bombers are receiving and how it could impact their 2024 season.

So, what do the Bombers get in the form of Ben McKay?



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