Mongrel Trade Wrap – Monday

Stick the word “Mega” in front of something and I’m sold.

I always buy the Mega Vitamin C tablets. I mean, why would I buy the normal ones when these are on sale?

I am a fan of the legendary Mega-Bowl, played by the Flint Tropics and their Mega-Coach, Jackie Moon back in the 70s.

I got excited when Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage teamed up to form the Mega-Powers.

And I even bought Mrs Mongrel a Megalodon tooth for Christmas, because she likes that stuff. Oh, that is supposed to be a surprise – the sacrifices I make for you people…

So, when the trade winds blow and a big deal is so big that AFL journos, who clearly don’t over-hype anything, call it the Mega-Deal, well I almost wet my pants with excitement in the more pleasant way than I usually wet my pants.

And with that terrible imagery, we move onto the Mongrel Trade Wrap for Monday. Stay classy…


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