The AFL in 2022 – The A-Z of Quotes

There have been many memorable moments in 2022, both on the field and off. Jimmy Ayres has taken particular note of the words, not the actions, of the players, coaches, and those connected to the game, to bring you the A-Z of quotes for 2022.


A is for:

Arms out is 50, mate..


  • Andrew Stephens, handing Brisbane’s Harris Andrews a 50 metre penalty for making a questioning motion with his arms, Round 5 vs Collingwood.


B is for:


Back. Straight back to him. Straight back to him.  Back now.. that’s 50.


  • Brendan Hosking, penalising Melbourne’s Jake Lever for doing a strange little tantrum dance, and astoundingly forgetting to return the ball to the opposition, as Brisbane defeat Melbourne to make the preliminary final.


C is for:


Clearly we are sorry to Eddie and anyone who suffered from that camp. Frankly, some of the stuff that went on was a disgrace.


  • Gillon McLachlan, commenting on the Adelaide Crows preseason camp, brought to light with allegations in Eddie Betts’ recent book release.


D is for:


Do you want to die?


  • Rex Hunt, brandishing a garden fork after being attacked in a road rage incident.


E is for:


Embarrassed our club


  • Mark McVeigh, GWS interim Coach’s condemning, scathing assessment of his side’s Round 20 loss to Sydney.


F is for:


Fox backs me.


  • Tom Morris, Round 1 post-game press conference (Western Bulldogs)


G is for:


Geez, I didn’t think this would come up pre-game, Browny.


  • Taylor Walker, when questioned by Campbell Brown about his contract negotiations.


H is for:


Has the game on his boot in his first Showdown!


  • Anthony Hudson, Round 3 after the siren as Jordan Dawson lines up to kick the match winner.


I is for:


I want to openly address the relentless pursuit and persecution of athletes by the media to create an uneducated, biased and ill-informed narrative that has gone too far.

I am one of the lucky ones with amazing support, however, not all athletes are so lucky. This will end in tragedy if no one speaks up. It’s time for change


  • Jordan De Goey – Instagram post after video emerges of him partying in Bali during the mid-season break.


J is for:


Jack Ginnivan’s got an edge. I was wrong, he kicked five on Anzac Day on the big stage.

There’s an edge about him and I’m on board and I love it.


  • Kane Cornes, admitting he was wrong to criticise Collingwood’s Jack Ginnivan.


K is for:


Kicks straight, straight into football folklore!


  • Anthony Hudson, Round 17, Gold Coast’s Noah Anderson kicks after the siren to beat Richmond in a remarkable comeback.


L is for:


Legend becomes immortal


  • James Brayshaw, describing Lance Franklin’s 1000th career goal, Round 2 vs Geelong.


M is for:


Must be done, due diligence simply must be done


  • Anybody commenting on or quoting AlastairClarkson, James Hird, Ross Lyon.


N is for:


Neale Daniher is a wise, brave, courageous man and he has inspired us all


  • Hamish McLaughlin, introducing the Big Freeze for 2022 on Queen’s Birthday.


O is for:


One trick ponies..

All duck, no dinner.


  • Ed Langdon, leading up to Melbourne’s Round 21 clash against Collingwood.


P is for:


Played on, He played on! The siren’s gone as he played on. It’s a draw!!


  • Brian Taylor, Round 19 Richmond vs Fremantle. Tiger Noah Cumberland marks on the siren and plays on, ending in the season’s first drawn game .


Q is for:


Quack, quack. There’s his duck dinner right there!


  • Brian Taylor, Round 21, commenting on quotes made by Melbourne’s Ed Langdon, referring to opposition Collingwood’,# game style being “all duck and no dinner”.


R is for:


Rampe nails him! That could be a match-winning bump from Dane Rampe.


  • Alister Nicholson, Round 21 calling Rampe’s goal-saving tackle on Brody Mihocek in the goalsquare.


S is for:


So you think a doctor of 25 years experience would take a risk with concussion, with the seriousness of the [injuries] that go on now with concussion, Can we stop the questions?

I’ve tried to answer it for you as well as I can. I get what you’re saying, but I’m also saying back to you that I’ve got the most experienced doctor in the AFL making these decisions. Where do you want me to go? Where do you want him to go? Do you want him to go back to medical school? I don’t know.


  • Ken Hinkley, defending his club doctor’s decision to send two players back into a game, late, after a sickening head clash. Post-game press conference, Round 13.


T is for:


The…. Orange team.


  • Kelli Underwood, describing GWS when the team’s name eluded her. Round 21 vs Essendon.


U is for:


..Understanding that I think I do have an ability to draw free kicks and I think that’s a skillset rather than a flop or whatever you call that.


  • Cody Weightman, interviewed early in the season defending his tactics onfield to win free kicks.


V is for:


Violence is not the answer, violence is never the answer. Both boys are very remorseful in what they did.


  • Max Gawn, Melbourne captain after teammates Steven May and Jake Melksham got into a boozy scuffle at a restaurant.


W is for:


Weak fucking pricks…

Come over here and I’ll show you how tough you are.


  • Damien Hardwick, VFL game vs Williamstown to midfielder Darby Henderson.


X is for:


Xerri knocks it down. Can’t gather, can kick it!


  • Dwayne Russell, Round 2 North Melbourne vs Geelong.


Y is for:


You’ve got the nerve to ask me a question and even be here? So you’ve been preying on us the last two times. You barrack for Melbourne, Tom Morris. You’ve been preying on us. You’ve been opening us up, causing turmoil within our football club by declaring our team well before it needs to be declared. Is that the way Fox want you to operate? Is that what you’re doing- is that the gutter journalist you want to be? Is that, is that who you want to be? Right, so, so, we went in with a plan. We had some late stuff go on with JJ unfortunately coming out of the warmup. Everything other than that was according to plan from the Sunday which somehow you’ve found out about again. So we need to get to the bottom of this. Obviously we need to put our hand up and say that there’s some leakage going on but you’re preying on it and it’s a team you barrack for, your conflict of interest is considerable. And yet your gutter journalism at the moment is killing us behind the scenes. This is why the health and well-being of people in the game is caught up in all this stuff. You know because we’ve got things to concentrate on performance-wise. We gotta look after our own and then you cause all this muckraking trash that happens behind the scenes and names get brought up into it and all we’re doing is planning for a football game. I can’t- are you proud of yourself? You’re proud of yourself? Wow! Do they? No no no that’s enough that’s enough. Next question please. Next question. Mate, you’re not.


  • Luke Beveridge, Round 1 post-game press conference to Tom Morris.


Z is for: 


Zurhaar! The most likely to fly.


  • Jason Dunstall, Round 8 vs Fremantle as North Melbourne’s Cam Zurhaar launches for a Mark of the Year contender.



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