Nailing It – How Freo Rebuilt Their List

When you look at the Fremantle Dockers’ list, you can see some names that jump out as pillars of their club going forward.

Andrew Brayshaw and Caleb Serong will be midfield mainstays for years to come. Sean Darcy will be the number one ruck on this team as long as he stays healthy. And in defence, we can see names like Luke Ryan, Brennan Cox, and whether he stays following this season or not, Griffin Logue.

And when we look at the growing pains the club went through as they developed these players, it becomes clear that this was a football club with a vision; a vision we are seeing take shape in 2022.

Often, in order to see where a team is headed, you need to look at where they’ve come from. This Fremantle team has been viewed as the little brother to the big boys, West Coast, for most of their 26 years in the competition, but back in 2016, Fremantle started to put in place the foundation that would enable them to grow into an AFL power.

And it all started with intelligent drafting.


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