The Definition of Hero

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily stream of negativity when it comes to the footy.

Hell, as the owner of this site, I know what generates the most reads and what doesn’t. Believe me, there is no shortage of you that want to pile on when things are going poorly. I get the passion, I get the frustration. I get the anger.

In many cases, the negativity is justified, and as we’ve covered (and as everyone else continues to cover), there are problems with the state of the game that will require some genuine changes to be made, but amid all the complaining and frustration, there are still wonderful aspects to our game. In spite of rule changes, we have seen some terrific games of footy. We have seen players rise to the occasion, establish themselves as stars, and in some cases, superstars.

However, when you weigh up all the stories of 2022 – the Jason Horne-Francis situation, the horrid rule interpretations, the Charlie Curnow return to prominence, and the “Flagmantle” movement, nothing compares to the return of Sam Docherty after a second bout of cancer.

In my eyes, nothing else comes close.


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