Firstly, congrats to me on the worst and most convoluted article title this season – perhaps ever.

We’ve just seen Round 13 pass us by and suddenly, we’re a week away from the bye rounds being over and done with – teams will be looking toward the home stretch before finals.

For some, things will begin to pick up from here – it is the business end of the season, after all. Whilst for others, this may see the preparations for 2023 start in earnest.

Following three losses in a row, the Demons have issues of their own to deal with, but are still sitting in second place on the ladder, with just percentage keeping them from the position they’ve made their own for the majority of this season. Let’s face it – they’re a high-quality team when things are going well.

But suddenly, things are not going well.

The loss to Collingwood was the completely unexpected one – after dropping games to Fremantle and Sydney; two strong sides in contention, the Dees were expected to ensure the Pies remained outside the eight. But things are never certain in the AFL, and the Pies now sit in eighth position – a scary proposition for whoever slots into the fifth spot after Round 23 should they remain around that mark.

Despite the drop-off, the form of Angus Brayshaw was a redeeming factor for the Demons, as he put the club on his back in the third quarter, keeping them in the game as the Magpies raged forward like a bunch of ravenous dogs after a rabbit.

And it is the name – Brayshaw that will be spoken about early and often as we head toward the finish line in 2023.


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