Home Truths – Hawthorn, West Coast, Western Bulldogs

Home truths…

You already feel a little uncomfortable when someone mentions the phrase, right? It is defined as a true, but unpleasant fact, and there are times when we all need to hear them.

The same is true for AFL players and supporters. Too often, we bury our heads in the sand and ignore them. People join supporter groups online that become echo chambers for positivity, with some groups laughingly adopting the “if you criticise our players, you’ll be banned” stance.

And with that statement, any intelligent discussion is killed.

I guess that’s why some of you read these articles, huh? Maybe not for the “intelligent” part, but for the discussion points.

I am happy to oblige.

Below is a list of home truths for the first three clubs. They’re about as fair as I can conjure without coming across as antagonistic, and I aim to back up the statements with both further fact and opinion. As always, I am open to your opinions, but make sure you’re coming at me with the same intent, okay?

Flamethrower ready… let’s go.


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