Despite a huge road win from the Swans, the Dockers have the body of work to retain the top spot following Round 12.

We’ve heard it for years – the teams based outside Victoria have it tougher.

Forced to travel interstate almost every second week, they clock up enormous miles as they traverse the country to be part of this sport we love.

Meanwhile, we get some Victorian-based clubs cracking the sads when they have to play at Marvel Stadium instead of the MCG, and vice versa. Or those who get a little nasty when a move away from Kardinia Park is floated.

So, how do the teams fare away from home, and who is travelling best at the moment?

The Mongrel has devised a little ladder to assess who is the best road team in the league. Oh, the Vic teams will still get a look in if they’re good enough, and whilst I fully expect a number of fans to say this system is rigged to favour non-Victorian teams… I really don’t care.  Stop your whining.

So, how does it work?

The Road Warrior Ladder is named after one of the best Tag Teams of all-time. Don’t come at me with your Demolition garbage, or your Powers of Pain crap… they were Road Warrior rip-offs… who were, in turn, rip-offs of the 1980s movie, Mad Max.

It was called The Road Warrior in the United States because… geez, I’m not a film buff. Do your own homework.

Anyway, you get four points for an interstate win and two points for a win at an away venue that IS NOT played at the venue you consider your home ground. I don’t care if it’s not your home game – you’re still at the ground you play your home games at. The Road Warrior Ladder Nazi isn’t concerned with your feelings.

Tasmania is considered a home game for Hawthorn. You choose to play your home games there – you cop it. Same with GWS and Canberra – if it’s your choice, you wear it.

Now that my belligerence is out of the way, let’s get to business.




1 – FREMANTLE – 16 POINTS (90 point differential in wins)

2 – MELBOURNE – 14 POINTS (166)

3 – SYDNEY – 14 PTS (137)

4 – BRISBANE – 14 POINTS (134)

5 – ST KILDA – 14 POINTS (117)

6 -GEELONG – 10 POINTS (126)


8 – GOLD COAST – 8 POINTS (41)


10 – CARLTON – 6 POINTS (42)

11 – RICHMOND 4 POINTS (109)


13 – HAWTHORN – 4 POINTS (64)

14 – GWS – 4 POINTS (59)

15 – WEST COAST – 4 POINTS (13)

16 – ADELAIDE – 4 POINTS (1)



Just two movers for the second week in a row, with the Swans moving to within two points of the league-leading Dockers.

It is a logjam from second through to fifth, with Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and St Kilda locked on 14 points apiece. Of those teams, only the Saints have an upcoming away game to play, which could see them jump to the top.



RICHMOND heads to South Australia to take on Port

HAWTHORN head to Optus Stadium to face the Dockers

ST KILDA have their sights set on an upset as they travel to the Gabba to face the Lions

And GWS will be hoping to improve on a pretty dismal season as they head to Marvel to encounter North Melbourne



None this week


Wrestling note of the week – One of the most famous matches of all-time was the Wrestlemania 3 main event, pitting Hulk Hogan against Andre the Giant. However, in the lead up to the clash, Andre’s physical deterioration was such an issue that the WWF/E were unsure as to whether he would be able to work the match.

By this stage of life, Andre was clearly struggling to get around and the federation deemed it necessary to have a backup plan should the Giant be unable to perform. Paul Orndorff was that backup plan, having feuded with Hogan in the months prior, legitimately injuring his shoulder/arm in the process.

Orndorff was not required, with Andre fronting up, doing the work and giving Hogan the okay to bodyslam him late in the match which remains one of the most iconic Wrestlemania moments of all time.

Less than six years later, Andre would pass away. RIP, big fella.


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