Last week, The old Mongrel razzled and dazzled you with both my ability to watch every game for four weeks and compile holding the ball free kicks for each club.

Well, prepare to be bamboozified this week, as not only do I carry those four weeks of data into this week’s effort on the AFL skill that is rewarded the least and penalised the most, but I bring an extra week’s worth of data to the table as we examine the best tacklers in the league.

Oh, but doing that is easy, right? We just look at the AFL app, which is so brilliant that it gives you some of the stats… some of the time. There, we can see that Sam Berry, Luke Shuey, and Andrew Brayshaw are the league’s best tacklers. They average between 6.6 and 7.6 tackles per game, which is outstanding.

But how many of those tackles stick to the point they win holding the ball free kicks? Are they tackling to cause a stoppage, or are they drawing free kicks?

Ah yes… as always, The Mongrel has something different for you.

So, join me as we dive into the murky waters of AFL tackling statistics. Here, we will determine which players, over a five-week period, were the most effective tacklers in the game.

And we’ll also uncover those whose numbers may be a little inflated in the process.

Mmmmmm, juicy.


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