Have I got a treat for you guys!

Well, maybe… I guess we’ll see. I don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver. Lord knows… there are several women in my past that can attest to that occurring on a semi-regular basis.

Speaking of tackle… or more to the point, “tackling”, it has been a source of frustration for me over the first eight rounds of the season. You see, I love this aspect of our great game. I love watching someone lay a perfect tackle, drag an opponent down, and then… it all kind of falls apart as the umpire finds one of about a dozen ways to give the ball-carrier the benefit of the doubt and either call play-on, or call for a stoppage, or give him a free-kick for some aspect of the tackle being slightly incorrect.

It has annoyed me so much that I made a decision that almost drove me insane over the past four weeks. I would watch every single game, beginning to end, and note every free-kick that was paid for holding the ball, or incorrect disposal as a result of a tackle.

Sounds easy, huh? I mean, it’s just watching the footy.

Mmmmm, I thought so, too. But as my eyes started to hang out of my head by week three, and Mrs Mongrel started to side-eye me a little more, I started to feel as though this may not have been as good an idea as I thought it was. Still, I was committed, so we got to the end of Round Eight and I had four weeks of tackling data at my fingertips. Still a relatively small sample size, and part of me wishes I started this at the commencement of the season, but… ya work with what ya got, right?

With this data I’ve collected, I’ll be producing a couple of columns. In this one, I look at the teams who are rewarded most with holding the ball decisions, and those who are genuinely robbed on a regular basis.

Later, I will also look at the players who are the most successful tacklers in the game – not the blokes who lay the most tackles; that crappy stat is available at the AFL website for anyone with half a brain (and really, you’d have to have half a brain if you use the AFL website as your main source of info pertaining to the league – go to AFLTables or Footywire – they’re great). I don’t care about blokes who tackle to win stoppages – I care about those who tackle so well that the umpires cannot help but pay them a free-kick.

Oh yes, much to get through with this.

Let’s start with which teams have been most successful in Round Five through to Eight with their tackling? And which teams have been stiffed?


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