I read the news today, oh boy…

I’m kind of glad I held off doing the Recruits Ladder until the last moment this week, with the word coming through that George Hewett won’t be lining up for the Blues in Round Seven. I don’t know about you guys, but to me, this is significant news, as his season to date has been utterly spectacular.

In terms of our Recruits Ladder, it means that unless there is some freakish lull in performance by the two blokes hot on his tail, we’ll have a new leader by the time we crunch the numbers for the Round Seven version of this article. Until then, we have Round Six and the leaderboard to get our heads around…

We like to cover off a lot of bases here, at The Mongrel.

Rolling All-Australian Team? Check.

Wingman of the Year? Check.

Defensive Player of the Year? Check.

Rising Star? X-Factor Rankings? Player Ratings? Mongrel of the Year? Midfield and Ruck championships? Check, check, check, check, check, and check!

However, there was always one group of players that were missing out on assessment against their peers, and that group was the recruits. Which player was having the largest influence on their new clubs? How much of an impact does Adam Cerra have at the Blues compared to say… Robbie Tarrant at Richmond, or Hugh Greenwood at North Melbourne?

We all dream of the big recruit coming into the club we support and making a huge difference, but in 2021, it was blokes like Tom Hickey in Sydney, playing on his fourth team that made the largest impact – who will replicate his form in 2022?

Here at The Mongrel, we’re here to chart these players as the season progresses. Who will be the 2022 Recruit of the Year? Let’s jump in and see.


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