What a week to be a wingman!

And by saying that, I mean what a crappy week to be a wingman!

How so?

Well, I’m glad I asked. You see, as part of this weekly column, I chart to movements of the game’s best outside runners. Every single game, I watch to see who is on the wing and who is not – how do they run? Are they offensively or defensively minded? Do they split time between the wing and middle?

And I score them appropriately.

This week, however, it was as though the coaches conspired against some of the best wingmen in the game and deployed them in other roles.

Jordan Dawson was sent into defence, Karl Amon was given a tagging role, and High McCluggage was sent into the centre bounces for the second-straight week. What the hell is going on?

But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and as those players adjusted to new roles, others stepped up.

A few years ago, a little sick of the wingmen being completely ignored in the roles they play by those selecting the AFL All-Australian Team, here at The Mongrel Punt, we decided to start tracking the best wingers in the game. Using a combination of stats and votes as our metric for assessing them over the course of the year, The Mongrel Punt Wingman of the Year Award was born.

2020 saw Sam Menegola blitz the field, running away to easily claim the title of the best wingman in the game.

Fast forward to 2021 and it was a bit closer, with Paul Seedsman pipping Hugh McCluggage and Karl Amon in the race to become the league’s reigning wingman of the year. The Crows are currently missing Seedsman immensely, as his 2021 was easily the best of his career.

Let’s jump into the Round Five results and the overall leaderboard. And apologies for this being a little late, this week. My computer decided to restart while I was asleep and I had to re-do all of Round Four scores as well. Ugh…


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