We’re still two weeks away from the first edition of The Mongrel 50 of 2022 being released, but I’ve  been busy compiling the numbers behind the scenes to ensure things go smoothly come Round Four.

Quickly, The Mongrel 50 assesses players based on stats and votes each week. The stats in question are those pertinent to their positions, only – no rating defenders on tackles inside 50, or small forwards on rebound 50s… we just look at how they’re performing in their roles, and whether our Mongrel writers deem them as worthy of votes on a weekly basis.

As per usual, Mongrel Inner Circle Members have access to these numbers on a weekly basis, and that, dear friends, is the purpose of this post.

So, here we go with the Player Ratings for Round One which will form the second of four sets of data to feed the first Mongrel 50 of the season. Enjoy.


Now, I know some of you will ask – I am a member; why can’t I see this? This is for the Inner Circle Member tier – always has been. This is what these people generously pay a bit extra for, so I am more than happy to dive deep for them when it comes to this content. If you’re a Mongrel Member and you’d like to upgrade, so right ahead. If not, that’s cool, as well. But this is not a new thing – has been that way for over two years now.  Wanna join them?


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