We glorify the mids in the AFL. Every year, you see them trot out and pick up more medals and awards. Brownlow, MVP, coaches association, media awards, Norm Smith… they get their mitts on all of them.

Sure, forwards have the Coleman, and smaller media outlets like us here at The Mongrel Punt try to give well-deserved recognition to those who play on the wing, and in defence, but largely, it seems to be a midfielder’s league at the moment, doesn’t it?

Given that, when a midfielder performs at an elite level, it should equate to team success. If they’re so important to the way a team functions, then it should be elementary that when they do something special, their team wins. That’s why they’re so lauded. That’s why they’re recognised at the best of the best. That’s why they collect the accolades.

But does it work out that way? And how does it compare to results when forwards have a big game and perform at an elite level?

Luckily, you have the Old Mongrel here to delve into this for you.


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