The Off-Field Brownlow 2021


As we bask in the reflected glory of the Melbourne Demons’ 2021 triumph, it is time to move on.

Maybe not for Dees fans, but the rest of us are ready. Some have gravitated over to The Ashes, whilst others have distracted themselves with the goings-on in the NBA – anything to make the non-stop talk of variants, and letters of the Greek alphabet fade into the background.

But some of us cling to footy, and in an off-season that can either provide or a little, we are always on the lookout for someone who stands head and shoulders above (or in this case, below) all others to provide journos with headlines, dumb pics, idiotic actions, or just something to fill column space.

These people are Godsends – allowing those who cover the AFL to drift back to their comfort zone and write about that which they’re passionate about. And hey… it sure as hell beats the hell out of horse racing.

And it is with those players in mind that we add another award to our list of Mongrel Punt accolades – The Off-Field Brownlow. Not the most auspicious of the awards, but hey, not everything can be sunshine and lollipops. Here are the 2021 nominees who would rather they were not.


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