The Mongrel kiss of death strikes! As soon as a young Bomber made his way to the top of the Defensive Player of the Year rankings following Round Four, he crashed back to Earth, concussed in Essendon’s disappointing loss to the Lions.

It opened the door for challengers to swoop. With the chance to reduce the gap and perhaps even take the lead. The reigning champ made his move, whilst and Eagle switching back to defence and a Magpie with a big job to do scored heavily as well.

The Mongrel’s Round Five Defensive Player of the Year results are in for our Inner Circle Members. Let’s jump in and see where they all sit. Weekly results first, then overall leaders listed below.



This content is for our Inner Circle (tier two) Members and is a weekly column. They also receive weekly overall player rankings and fortnightly X-Factor Rankings – due this week. This is why they support us at a higher level… because this stuff is bloody good. 🙂


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