There will be a lot written about this weekend’s game pitting the West Coast Eagles against Port Adelaide. As always, much of the focus will be on the big ruckman with the dreadlocks and his impact on the contest. Others will hone in on the ability of Barrass and McGovern to shut down Charlie Dixon and whichever other young forward the Power opt to play (oh, to have options like that!).

Others, still, will be enthralled by whether this new-look Port defence can the clamps on the potent Darling/Kennedy combination.

There are storylines galore in this game, but the most engaging one may take place out on the wing.

They say the wolf climbing the hill is always hungrier than the one sitting on top.

For the longest time, Andrew Gaff has sat atop that hill when it comes to the wing position, but two hungry young wolves have commenced their ascent, and are now nearing the summit. Can Xavier Duursma and Karl Amon knock Gaff off his throne, or does the wolf sitting atop the hill have it in him to swat the challengers down again.


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