Each week, here at The Mongrel Punt we produce between three and four sets of player rankings for our members.

The regular members get the wingmen rankings each week, but the other three are what our Inner Circle Members get on a weekly basis. This is one of them. The overall Mongrel player rankings feed into our Mongrel 50 list, released every two weeks from Round Four onwards. It is a system designed to assess and rank the best players in the competition in criteria relevant to their position.

In this system, we don’t rate forwards on the number of rebound fifties they get. We don’t rate defenders on tackles inside fifty. We rate players in the categories pertinent to their style of play, and that, my friends, is how you get a balanced set of rankings that cater to all players in the league – not just the midfielders.

That said, nothing could stop Lachie Neale in 2020 – he was far and away the best player of the home and away season (finals are another story) and he romped home in these rankings.

Brodie Grundy was the 2019 winner, with his consistent brilliance at the ruck contests, combined with second and third efforts at ground level making him the priority re-signing for the Pies in 2020.

And now we enter the 2021 season. One round is already in the books and the points are starting to accumulate. Each week, I’ll be listing the top ten at each category and an overall top ten for the week for our Inner Circle Members. Let’s get stuck into it.

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