Looking Forward To Round One

Tick tock…

The days are ticking down to the first bounce of the 2021 AFL season, and at Casa Del Mongrel, there is a feeling of excitement in the air.

From me, at least. Mrs Mongrel is quite a bit less excited about it all.

However, as we draw closer and closer to commencing what we hope will be an uninterrupted run at a normal season, I got thinking about what I was looking forward to most from the first weekend of footy. What were some of the potential stories, celebrations and moments that will have me glued to the games as they’re played, and have us all exchanging ideas and opinions once they’re over.

So, members… I am all for a bit of pre-footy celebration, why don’t we get into it? Some may call it a little premature (if I had a dollar…) but after last year’s shortened games and hub life dramas, I am just really pumped to get footy back, with crowds and at the proper 20 minute quarters.


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