The AAMI series has been run, and not necessarily won in 2021, with all teams playing a single game in preparation for the 2021 season.

As always, it will be the negatives that get the most exposure – the injuries to Cam Rayner, James Frawley and Will Kelly took centre stage and have the potential to derail the season for them – in Rayner’s case, it’s now a certainty.

However, there were also some huge positives to come out of the weekend. Individuals stepped up their game to give an indication that they are cherry ripe to hit the 2021 season with a head of steam.

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Anyway, we’ve watched the AAMI series intently over the weekend, compiling scores from the games and analysing the performances. Below are our top 25 players of the AAMI series, which may give a good indication as to who is well placed for a big 2021. Enjoy, and thanks for supporting The Mongrel.



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