How much do you take from a pre-season game? How highly do you rate the performances of the players as they prepare for the new season? Do you look for the little things that could give your team the edge, or worry about a player who looks to lack fitness, form, or confidence?

The last couple of points are where I sit as I watch the warm-up games like a demented hawk, focusing on those who may take the next step, and a few that may end up stepping backward.

Last year, in what was then the Marsh series, we saw Liam Baker step things up for the Tigers in a clear indication he was ready to move into a bigger role. We saw Christian Petracca make a point that he was determined to make the 2020 season one that mattered, and we saw Travis Boak making the statement that he and his Power meant business.

So, who will be the one to make a statement to start 2021? Who will be the players that his the season with a head of steam? The Mongrel will be casting his eye over as many games as possible this weekend to give you as much information as you can handle about the 2021 AAMI pre-season games.

Here we go. The Cats and the Bombers – what did we learn from this one?


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