Realistic Hopes And Dreams For The 2021 AFL Season

We all have a wishlist for the upcoming AFL season and I’m guessing that most of the things we wish for have the team we love right in the middle of them.

But being that The Mongrel Punt is now being considered a news source (lol, by confused people at Facebook, anyway), it seems as though I should offer something a little more balanced other than just rattling off ten things that would see the Hawks rise to prominence again in 2021. Besides, you want wishes to be relatively realistic, right? We’re screwed!

So, with that in mind, I got to thinking about the ten things I’d love to see from this AFL season. No, it’s not about who wins the flag – there are a half dozen teams I would like to see reign as premiers for a variety of reasons – but this is more about individuals and team improvements. I want to see nice little rivalries develop or continue, and I want to see players make a statement.

Given that, here are ten things The Mongrel is hoping to see in the 2021 season.


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