The fall of Eddie McGuire from the helm of Collingwood has been front-page news since it occurred.

It will be again over the next week. And there will be residual articles, much like this one for months, yet.

There are quite a few people dancing on the proverbial grave of McGuire currently, relishing the opportunity to sink the boots into a man while he’s down.

The former Collingwood president (it seems strange to write that) has been a huge part of football in Victoria, and Australia over the last 25 years. His expulsion – and let’s face it; he may have stood down, but he was expelled – from the Collingwood Football Club is the biggest story of this off-season. It is possibly the biggest team-specific story since the Essendon supplement saga – another very dark time in the history of the competition.

Several journalists who called for the head of McGuire following his poorly-delivered response to the leaked ‘Do Better’ internal report did an about-face in the hours after his resignation. They penned their obligatory “oh, but he did so much for the club” columns, extending the same olive branch they’d been relentlessly whipping him with it at every possible opportunity in the days prior.

It was akin to screaming for him to be beheaded and then handing him a nice box with a bow on it to store his head in once all was said and done. This is AFL journalism in 2021.

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