We’re still watching a lot of Disney in our house. With a four-year-old and a Disney+ subscription, we’re inundated with stories about princesses and magic, stories where the heroes always triumph and tales that see happy endings aplenty.

And not the happy endings you’d really like – more the Disney kind. You know what I mean, I’m sure…

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how, in a perfect world, the season would play out for each team. What would be their fairytale? And what would it mean for the club?

Conversely, there is the nightmare. What would be the scenario that would absolutely deflate you in 2021?

Of course, the one that would be a killer for us all is if our country somehow manages to cock up the great work in subduing the virus and we have a cancelled season, but I’ll be looking at each team individually and hoping like hell that doesn’t happen.

Let’s go.

The last three teams are Sydney, West Coast and the Western Bulldogs.


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