Teams love selling hope, and as supporters, we buy it all the time.

The club is struggling – we put faith in the kids and the build that is inevitably happening at our club. Or, at least, we hope it’s happening at our club.

But how far progressed are the clubs looking to invest in youth? How are their 23 and under stocks right now and which club is best-positioned to reap the rewards of a successful recruiting push over the last couple of seasons?

The Mongrel has been hitting the books (if only I did that in school) and worked through the list of each team in 2020. How are their kids looking? How many of them have the potential to be A-Grade, and where are they lacking?

With a week or so left until each club adds more young talent, the Mongrel takes a look at where things sit in terms of the kids already on the list and which club is best situated headed into the next few years.

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