Hey, it worked for Richmond, right?

In March 2010, Brendon Gale boldly outlined his plan for the Richmond Football Club.

Together, our entire club is motivated by the vision of our future in 2020. It’s a vision of greatness and leadership that we describe as THE POWER and THE GLORY. By 2020, we aspire to have won our 13th Premiership; consistently provide the most exciting and powerful match-day experience in the competition; once again have the strongest support base in the nation, and enjoy the strongest emotional connection with our members and fans.

Many scoffed at his proclamation at the time. He was speaking about a club that had won bugger-all for 27 years and after finishing 15th in a then-16 team competition, didn’t look like going anywhere quickly.

Who’s laughing now?

North Melbourne finds themselves in a similar predicament to the 2010 version of the Tigers. Having just signed their new coach, David Noble, the Kangaroos are selling hope to their fans, with North chairman, Ben Buckley hitting the airwaves to talk up the club’s own vision.

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