Beautiful Lies and Ugly Truths – Essendon

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

And so it is in the world of football. We are all parochial to an extent and enjoy reading the positives about our teams. However, as one season ends and our attention turns firstly to trades and then to drafting, we each have a narrative in our heads about our team’s past year. Things are going to be okay, aren’t they?

Surely, our teams will rectify what went wrong in 2020 and hit 2021 with a renewed vigour, right?

Sometimes it takes just a couple of weeks into the new season for our hopes and expectations to be dashed. What we thought was the problem, and what our club did to fix it was really only wallpapering over other issues. Kind of like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, we fail to see the actual problems, and even if we do, we convince ourselves they’re not really there.

We suspend disbelief. We look for the beautiful lie and ignore the ugly truth.

Until now.

I’m sorry, football fans, but in this series of columns, I have to deliver the dose of reality you were trying to avoid. This is where we look at each club in 2020 and discover the lies they’ve been telling themselves and the lies you’re readily believing.

Make sure you’re seated. Go to your safe place if you need to, but be ready – this isn’t playing into your little fantasy land where everything is going to be fine. This is the harsh truth slapping you in the face like a wet lettuce.

Here are the lies we tell ourselves. The Beautiful Lies and the Ugly Truths laid bare. I’m doing one for every team, so no victim mentality, okay?

This time – Essendon


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