The backlash against Richmond has been strong this weekend. The goodwill associated with this group dissipated long ago and it seems there are fewer people happy to see them doing well after years of mediocrity than ever at the moment. The better the Tigers have got, and the longer they’ve remained a force, the more people have found reasons to dislike them.

This weekend, it hit a new high.  Or low, depending on how you look at it.

Is this just the tall-poppy syndrome alive and well in Australian sport, or are people just legitimately sick and tired of the success of the Richmond Football Club?

Those with an axe to grind were quietly content last weekend as the Brisbane Lions finally broke the drought and registered their first win in sixteen attempts against the Tigers, but they were back in force this weekend, as vocal as they’ve ever been as Richmond flexed their collective muscles and sent the Saints tumbling from contention.


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