INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS – Defensive Rankings – Round 11

As we enter Round 12, the Mongrel Punt is living in the past. Only a day or two in the past, though… it takes me a little while to catch up after the 18 hour turnaround from one round to another.

As crazy as this season has been, you have to give a little credit to the AFL – they’re actually getting this season to work. Against all odds, they have shifted, swapped, chopped and changed the fixture to make this bloody thing work.

Anyway, the defenders were at it again in Round 11, and despite a bit of a slower week for some of the leaders, some young guns staked their claims and a couple of players would have firmed a little in betting for their best and fairest awards.

Let’s jump in with the Top 20 defenders of Round 11 and then take a look at the overall leaderboard.


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