We sit at the precipice of a mountain of footy. 20-straight days of AFL action has me both excited and a little fearful of dying.

Seriously, I usually have a couple of days to throw together our wingman, defensive and overall player rankings each week, and now… I get a day to do it all. I’m hoping the quality doesn’t drop away too much and let’s be honest… I cannot afford to get worse.

Okay, self-deprecation out of the way, it’s time to jump into the Round Eight wingman rankings.

Another strong week for Andrew Gaff and solid outings from Paul Seedsman and Zac Bailey have seen a bit of fluctuation and with Josh Kelly spending time on the wing he gets a chance to build on the big couple of weeks he had a few rounds ago.

Let’s jump into the Round Eight wingman rankings and then have a gander at the overall standings.

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