Ah, Round Four… it was always going to be around this point that the big stories started to emerge, wasn’t it?

The rise of the Suns and their young star in the making. The slow starts of the Tigers and Eagles and the questions whirling around the legitimacy of their premiership claims. And the rebirth of the Blues on the back of their core layers finally getting it all together… and Charlie Curnow not being there.

Then there are the stories of hubs and the possibility of some players not wanting to go. Funny how this wasn’t an issue when the non-Victorian teams were required to travel interstate and stay there, huh? Now it seems as though there is genuine concern around players with families and commitments. Seriously, this is the most unprofessional group of professional athletes in the world – desperate to stay in the bubble where mum can still help them with their washing.

But I digress.

We are here to run down the standout performers of Round Four and give you a breakdown heading into our first cumulative Player Power Rankings article. We’re here to crunch the numbers, tabulate the votes and get it all in order as we prepare to rank the top 50 players of season 2020 thus far (I was using “thus far” before Jobe Watson was out of nappies, by the way).

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the Round Four results.


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