We start this week’s rankings with two of the pre-season heavy favourites for a top ten finishing all but seeing their chances evaporate into thin air.

The vivid footage of Jeremy Howe’s knee bending at an angle that knees are just not supposed to bend creates a huge headache for the Pies, and those who paid attention last week would have seen Howe sitting pretty right in fifth overall place in these rankings. After this week, the slide begins and one of the contenders drops well and truly out of the race.

The other injury came in freakish circumstances, with Tom Stewart engaging in a bit of byplay with Tom McDonald down in the backline. They were doing the standard “I bump into you, you bump into me… no one gets hurt and everyone gets on with the game” kind of routine, only Stewart’s collarbone just happened to snap as McDonald made contact with him.

That’ll be a while on the sidelines, and whilst Stewart hadn’t really made a huge leap up these rankings to this point, one of those 25 touches, ten intercept and eight rebound fifty games could’ve happened any given week. The two-time All-Australian will now spend an extended period on the sidelines, and his chances of featuring near the top of these rankings has all but disappeared for this year.

But there are plenty looking to swoop.

Adam Saad, Jasper Pittard, Nick Haynes and Hamish Hartlett all had big weeks in defence and some of the taggers started to put in some solid work as well.

Let’s jump into the top 20 for the week, and then have a look at our overall standings after week four.

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